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Methow Moal - Product Image
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Methow Moal

The Methow Moal - very much like the Blue Flash with Chartreuse Butt Moal but with a smaller Chartreuse Butt. This fly was first requested to be tied and tested by Dave Robinson.


David Robinson's Steelhead caught on the Methow River using a Methow Moal Leech
Dave Robinson's Steelhead - Methow River


Moal leeches are tied entirely on a string with a trailer hook at the back. This gives the fly greater action than a fly tied on a rigid hook. More fish are landed with the Moal fly as well.

Custom Moal Leeches are tied by in the good old USA. Moal's are tied using the best materials on the market and are tied to last (super glue, Berkley Fireline Braid 15 LB (double over for 30 LB strength) and, quality hooks.

If you had to pick one fly to fish for Steelhead with it should be a Moal Leech.


Also see: Two Toned Flash Moal Leech, Blue/Chartreuse (AKA Improved Methow Moal Leech)

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.25 
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