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Muddler Moal Leeches - Product Image
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Muddler Moal Leeches

A true cross between two very productive if not the most productive Steelhead flies (Muddler Minnow and Moal Leech).

Tied as a string leech just like a Moal Leech but instead of a cone head a deer hair collar and head are spun on.

This fly fishes high in the water column with a large silhouette. Can be fished with a dry line, or sinking tip.

New for 2014 (Underside of Deer hair head is cut flat)

Tied like a string leech.

Size: 2 inches long, size 4 hook.

Materials: Rabbit, Deer Hair, Flash

Also See: Rabbit Muddler, Tube Fly

Custom tied, made in the USA


Price: $4.25 
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