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Neo Skagit Bijou Leech, Methow - Product Image
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Neo Skagit Bijou Leech, Methow

A custom design by Grabflies. Design idea came from combining the famous Skagit Minnow with the new Intruder style trailing hook. This fly has lots of action in the water with a large profile.

This is a smaller version of the Neo Skagit Leech. It is not a mini, hence the name bijou, smaller, elegant version. It is tied on a FS SENYOS ARTICULATED SHANK 25MM BLACK and is lightly weighted with some 1.5 inches of medium lead wire wrapped around short shank (this is needed for all the materials, weighted enough to make it swim optimally, great movement).

Fly is 2 inches, long but with some trailing material may drag it out to 2.5 inches. Stinger - trailing hook extends back with mono. Hook can be replaced. Size 2 Owner SSW hook.

This is a slow tie, I can only tie about two an hour. See Neo Skagit Leeches (Click Here)

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $7.95 
Established in 2009
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