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Neo Skagit Marabou Leech, Special Sauce - Product Image
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Neo Skagit Marabou Leech, Special Sauce

Skagit Marabou Leech, a custom design by Grabflies. Design idea came from combining the famous Skagit Minnow with the new Intruder style trailing hook. This fly has lots of action in the water.

An evotion of the Skagit Leech. Tied with Marabou.

This Neo Skagit Leech is tied with a hidden .25" nickle bead. The hidden bead helps prop up the Rhea. The fly swims different, and snags less as the bead will not snag on rocks.

Size: 3inches

Hook Size: #2 SSW Owner | #1 SSW Owner

Tied with Intruder Prop Hackle (Turkey) under Marabou.

Also see: Neo Skagit Leech

Mike Dixon with a nice big shoulder buck, Hoh, River, OP Steelhead 

 Mike Dixon, Steelhead caught using Neo Skagit Marabou Leech, Special Sauce

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $8.00 
Hook Size  
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