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OPST Steelhead Intruder Shanks, 51 mm - Product Image
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OPST Steelhead Intruder Shanks, 51 mm

Shanks for tying Intruders and Stinger trailing hook flies.

25 Shanks to a pack

Size: 51 mm 

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics' new intruder shanks are specifically designed with trailing-hook flies like the Intruder and Dirty Hoh in mind. They come in 32, 51 and 75mm sizes for everything from small-shanked string leeches and Dirty Hohs to the largest Intruders you can imagine. These shanks are designed with coneheads and beadheads in mind, but they also work great with dumbbell eyes. In packs of 25 for only $8, they are a great value.

Price: $8.00 
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