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October Caddis Grizzly Wing Muddler - Product Image
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October Caddis Grizzly Wing Muddler

Grizzly Wing Muddler with Stinger Hook (barbless trailing bait style hooks, stay hooked better, and better for release of wild fish)

Tied on a FS SENYOS ARTICULATED SHANK 25MM BLACK with a trailing size 2 Owner hook. This allows for better hooks up and release of Steelhead.

Fish this on or near the surface or with a sink tip and wet. When pulling this fly down with a sink tip the fly will have lots of motion. Great for Summer and Fall Steelhead.
Two colors - select below

  • Dubbing
  • Squirrel Tail
  • Flash
  • Grizzly Hackle Wings
  • Hackle
  • Black Deer Belly Hair - spun
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Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.95 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671