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Phone Holder - Product Image
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Phone Holder

A Clear Phone Holder designed and made by Jeff Layton of (Made in the USA). If you want to take some fish photos using your cell phone this will help. Best used with phones that are in water proof cases.
Phone holder is made out of PVC clear vinyl.
Dimensions: 4.75" by 7 inches. One side is shorter for the backside of your phone for taking clear photos and videos.
Two choices for connecting phone in holder to your fishing vest or jacket.
1. Clip (clip onto Jacket zipper of pocket - holder has a clip holder sewed in.
2. Magnet - clip the metal snap ahead of time onto your fishing vest, and when ready you can take out of pocket and use magnet to connect to snap clip. Magnet is strong but will allow you to pull away.
  • Has a finger hole in PVC for iPhone Home Button
  • PVC allows for push and swipe functions
  • When taking photos you can manually turn on video or use voice control commands like "Hey Siri - Take a photo - turn volume down, phone takes photo. Video - turn volume up starts video... Or Say "Ok Google, take a picture."
  • Comes with a phone leash for security
  • See option below (photos above and left - first photo, just shows holder with clip, also comes with leash. Photo two shows complete package: holder, clip, magnet with hook, snap clip.
Left side photo (connected to Jacket using clip | Right photo - connect using magnet
Also see Waterproof Phone Case Holder - (Click Here) 

Price: $15.95 
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