Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Pink, Pink Flash Moal Leech - Product Image
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Pink, Pink Flash Moal Leech

Moal leech with lots of flashabou.

Chinook, King Salmon unlike Steelhead often like mono, single color flies. If the aren't hitting one color switch to another, rather then swing a multicolored fly by them.

These flies are custom tied.

Sizes: 3 inch (clear water), 4 inch (glacier silt to muddy water)

Hook Sizes: Size 2 (fishes better), Size 1 (stronger) Size 1/0 King Salmon - Owner Hooks SSW Super Needle Point Hooks.

Custom tied, made in the USA


Price: $4.25 
Hook Size  
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