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Pip Squeak Natural - Product Image
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Pip Squeak Natural

RIO’s Pip Squeak Mouse is designed to look and perform like a real swimming mouse.  The flesh colored legs kick under tension and simulate the frantic mouse moving through the water.  The flesh colored ears give the angler a better visual as the fly tracks through the run.  The bunny collar provides the right amount of “wet mouse” look without adding additional water weight.  It also replicates the white chin that are on most mice.  The ample foam keeps this mouse up on top churning out a realistic wake.  The wire stinger material means you can also fish this for your favorite toothy fish, like Pike, and since this is tied with a #4 stinger hook, you’ll hook more of those short striking fish.  Whether you’re chasing trophy Rainbows in Kamchatka or Alaska...or running night ops for big browns in your favorite local stream, RIO’s Pip Squeak Mouse will improve your chances of making the connection. 3” long.
Price: $4.99 
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