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Quick Fly Tote - Product Image
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Quick Fly Tote

This custom made Fly Tote can be used for toting around other things then it was design for.

Design for the (Infinitii Quick Fly Change) which I (Jeff Layton) have been using for two years now (3/18/2021). I love it. Makes changing flies easy and in low light essential for me.

A quick fly change system designed to work with Infinitii Quick Change Swivel Tips (Click Here)

Note: Can also be used with a two inch mono loop to leader and then fly tie up. 

The Quick Fly Tote is 7.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. It can carry four 2.5 inch Diameter by .5 inch wide foam discs. (I usually carry three to save on bulk). Rounded lower edges to make it easier to side into a Wading Jacket pocket.

Made out of Trampoline and Waterproof Ottertex Canvas Fabric with coil zipper.

Option to add foam discs below, or Select Rigged Dsic's (Here) after adding to cart.

Tote with Flies and Discs

Made in the USA Made in the USA by Jeff Layton
Made by a fisherman for fishermen

Price: $30.00 
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