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Quigley's Dragon Gurgler Brown - Orange - Product Image
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Quigley's Dragon Gurgler Brown - Orange

The Quigley's Dragon Gurgler - Made to spit water

The Dragon Gurgler wake fly was originally devised by Mr. Bob Quigley.
This the Quigley’s Dragon Gurgler in a Fishmadman tube version – A wake fly with an attitude.
Designed to spit water and to be fished with a stop and go motion. The tube will take a variety of
different hooks and hook settings.

Fish your Dragon Gurgler with the hook up-side-down

Some steelhead anglers prefer to fish the hook upside-down on their Quigley’s Dragon Gurgler –
and to do so in an easy and smart way you may use a so-called egg hook or up-eye hook – as
seen fitted on the fly in the image. The up-eye hook will enable you to get a different angle on the
hook and the low-memory medium soft tubing the Gurglers is tied on, is well suited to
accommodate such a fly fishing method.

This a 50 – 45-millimeter version… or medium – Equivalent to a fly tied on a # 2 – 4hook.

Comes with hook.

riffling hitch system

Two ways to rig this fly:

1. Riffling hitch system - see image above

2. Tie on like regular tube fly - leader down tube, and tie on hook. Push hook up into tube. 

Price: $4.95 
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