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RIO Saltwater Leaders, 10 ft, 16 lb - Product Image
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RIO Saltwater Leaders, 10 ft, 16 lb

RIO's saltwater leaders are an excellent general purpose saltwater leader for a multitude of species. The leaders are made of a medium stiff nylon and have a taper design that easily turn over typical saltwater patterns and copes with tough winds. The leader is made of a material that is easy to knot and has great knot strength.
Features -
  • Medium-stiff material with great knot strength
  • Easy casting taper design that casts typical saltwater flies
  • Maximum strength and abrasion resistance
  • Thick Butt
  • Clear
Great for Saltwater use, but also for fresh water Salmon and Steelhead Double Handed Mono leaders as it is stiff and turns over nice.

Price: $6.99 
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