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RIO Skagit iShort Shooting Head - Product Image
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RIO Skagit iShort Shooting Head

RIO's iShort is the latest addition in the arsenal of heads for the Skagit fly fisher. The short, powerful head has an 8ft long highly visible floating back end that is easy to track during the swing, and can be mended for total fly control. The unique clear camo intermediate front section is a fantastic asset for when extra depth is needed, in strong current and also on windy days, or when a slower swing is needed.

iShort: Overall/Head Length: Approximately 18 ft at 350 gr to 20 ft at 575 gr.

  • The iFlight is the best choice for long distance casting on big rivers where your fly has to be fished at extra depth.
  • Powerful front end casts fast sinking tips and large flies
  • Slow sinking intermediate tip for deeper and slower presentations
  • ID printed rear loop for fast head recognition
  • Most Unique feature: The iFlight Skagit Spey shooting head is clearly distinguished from other Spey heads by the front end of the head (approximately 14 ft) that has an Intermediate sink rate of about 1.5 inches per second. the back 8 ft of this head is a black floating line that enhances mending of the front portion of the Intermediate head.

    Application:The iFlight Skagit is a great choice for achieving deeper swings with Spey rods and is a surprisingly effective tool to fish standing waters with beach rods. The Intermediate front of the head gets just under the surface and eliminates wind drift. The Intermediate front of the head is also particularly useful if surface river turbulence interferes with the fly's swing.

    Compatible tips: These iFlight heads are meant ONLY for use with sink tips of various rates, not for floating tips.

    Line Taper: This Skagit head is a short, powerful Spey Head with a floating rear 8' section integrated with an intermediate front section.

    Sink rate: This line has an 8 ft floating rear section and a 1.5 ips per second front section on the head.

    Line weights available: the Rio iFlight Skagit heads are available in line wts. from 450 gr. to 750 gr.

    Overall/Head Length: Approximately 22 ft to 23 ft

    Line Color: the intermediate-sink tip section is a clear/translucent camouflage color; the rear 8 ft portion of the head is a high-vis orange to facilitate current detection and improve mending ability.

    Line floating properties: Mixed: floating head with intermediate tip.

    Welded Loops: The front and back ends of the iFlight Skagit Head fly lines deliver welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to attaching sink tips.

    Price: $54.95 

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