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RIO Trout Spey Assortment - Product Image
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RIO Trout Spey Assortment

RIO’s Trout Spey Assortment includes 11 of the best, and most versatile swinging patterns.

Trout Spey is one of the hot new categories in fly fishing. Ask anyone who swings flies for steelhead and they'll tell you how the "tug is the drug." It’s the same for trout when using the proper sized gear. Our selection of trout Spey flies are designed to keep you in the zone and draw the attention of the fish. 

1. Olive Blossom Special - Olive, Size 6

2. RIO's Gum Dropper – Licorice, Size 10

3. RIO's Gum Dropper – Rootbeer, Size 10

4. RIO's Make It Rainbow – Black, Size 4

5. RIO's Make It Rainbow – Olive, Size 4

6. RIO's Meat Sweats – Black, Size 8

7. RIO's Meat Sweats – Olive, Size 8

8. RIO's Pocket Rocket - Copper/Brown, Size 4

9. RIO's Pocket Rocket – Olive, Size 4

10. RIO's Stand By Me – Black, Size 8

11. RIO's Stand By Me – Olive, Size 8 

Price: $44.99 
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