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Rio Skagit IMOW Tips - Product Image
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Rio Skagit IMOW Tips

IMOW (I = Intermediate, sinking) The tip can be made up of different slow sinking intermediate (back end) and faster sinking front portion sinking line tip.

The iMOW is based on an intermediate sink-rate line plus varying lengths of T-material - instead of the standard MOW, which is based on a floating line plus a T-material sink tip section, thus allowing an angler to probe deeper water on the swing. Note: RIO added IMOW tips in light T-8 for Skagit LInes of 475 gr or less, and these are fantastic for Switch rods also.

How does iMOW sink flies deeper? With the rear of the iMOW composed of intermediate sink rate instead of floating line, the sinking portion just goes deeper during the swing.

Also see MOW Tips (Click Here - Opens New Window)

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