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Saltwater Leader/Tippet, Umpqua, 12 lb - Product Image
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Saltwater Leader/Tippet, Umpqua, 12 lb

Umpqua's Saltwater Leader Material is a clear, medium hard. moderately stiff "tippet" made from the strongest and most abrasion-resistant nylon. Whether stripping small Bonefish flies over coral bottoms or casting large 4/0 deceivers, this is the perfect leader material for rigors of slatwater conditions. Recommended for all Umpqua saltwater leaders and offered in a full range of sizes to tie your own.

  • Strength: 12 lb
  • Size:50 Yards
Why 12 lb for Steelhead - strong and stiff enough to turn over large flies. Breaking point usually about the strength that your hook will think about straightening out. Too strong and you could lose your fly line.
I like to use saltwater tippet material for its stiffness - turns over large flies. It makes great knots, and it abrasion resistant's against rocks. If the water is clear I use Fluorocarbon, but if it has some off color I use this.

Price: $9.95 
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