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Seal-X Ice Dubbing Rogue Red - Product Image
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Seal-X Ice Dubbing Rogue Red

UV2 Fusion Seal-X Ice Dubbing is Spirit River's latest new dubbing that is already getting excellent reviews. In addition to this we now have a lone of dubbing brushes made with this particular multi hued dubbing. We like this new dubbing so much we have already begun to test steelhead patterns using it. One of our employees hooked numerous steelhead on the river with a Skunk style pattern using this dubbing. Yes we had some fun naming the colors after beer, booze of old rock songs. Gotta have some fun.
Fun Fact! Ever wonder why we put the zip on the bottom. As a talented but severely color blind tyer, I have a tough time knowing exactly what color I am using on many materials. I used to take the header card off materials and ALWAYS write the color on the outside of the package so down the road I could tell what color things were. It dawned on me in 1990 that ist is a smarter way to package if we could leave the card on the bag....showing the name, color, manufacturer and the description. Since then I almost never rip off header cards...and I know what I am using. I call this my 'Duh" moment.

Great color and dubs great!

Price: $2.95 
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