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Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Tippet - Product Image
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Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Tippet

Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon boasts even smaller diameters for every available pound-test. This Third Generation Fluorocarbon offers higher breaking-strain-to-diameter ratios. Unlike other small-diameter fluorocarbon line material, Sightfree G3 retains its integrity, which reduces the possibility of tangles. Sightfree sinks quickly and rarely needs to be degreased to help it through the water's surface tension. Like all genuine fluorocarbon, Sightfree is stiffer than standard monofilament, which helps turn over bulky flies and reduces tangles in windy conditions. 50m spool. Size: 12 lb
Price: $22.99 
Established in 2009
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