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Spey Swivel Shooting Handle - Product Image
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Spey Swivel Shooting Handle

NEW for 2019, Grabflies Spey Swivel Shooting Handle.

It is a combination of Infinitii Spey Swivel made by Grabflies, attaches (via loop-to-loop connections) between the shooting line and shooting head and eliminates twists and kinks often caused by spey casting; and 15 foot of .042, 30 lb Footing Flyline for a grip handle. This is used connecting a Spey Line with a monofilament Running/Shooting line.

  • Allows you a better grip when casting - helps stop running line from slipping thru your fingers
  • Allows you to use thinner monofilament for a running line - which can mean longer casts
  • When connecting running line to Flyline handle it's recommended to use two single Surgeon Knots to reduce knot friction going thru guides - see photo below
This handle with designed for Grabflies Super Slick Running Line (click here)
Also see Spey Shooting Handle (Click Here)

Price: $32.95 
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