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Steelhead Hair Waker Tube Fly - Product Image
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Steelhead Hair Waker Tube Fly

A custom tied skating surface pattern that floats and wakes across the river for Steelhead fishing on the surface.

Fly is tied with Golden Brown Deer hair for tail with orange flashabou underneath, then spun Elk hair for body with Deer collar and wing, finished with foam wing case.

Choice of hooks that come with this fly - see selection below.

Two sizes:

Medium - for most occasions

Large - Off color water and heavier ripples.

(Tube Flies - leader/tippet goes thru the tube and is tied to the eye of the hook, then inserted into orange hook holder on tube. For surface flies this is an advantage as tubes float and helps the waking of the fly. Plus hooks can be changed.) 

Made in the USA Made in the USA by Jeff Layton
Made by a fisherman for fishermen

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $6.00 
Hook Size  
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671