Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Steelhead Squid Series Fly - Product Image
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Steelhead Squid Series Fly

Steelhead Squid Series

Marine Biologist at Oregon's Marine Science Center, believe that steelhead may retain the "search image" of nourishing marine organisms even after they have returned to fresh water. According to Dr. W.G. Pearcy, steelhead range far out to sea, dining mostly on squid, amphipods and euphausiids. Squid make up 90% of their high seas diet.

Steelhead eat squid up to 6 inches in length.

In developing this Steelhead Squid Series. I looked at the Squid and Intruder style patterns and came up with this fly series. It has large eyes (Living Eyes are glued on with Epoxy to 3 mm Monofilm strips) in the rear just like a squid. It has lots of swimming leg and body movement.

There are three tie ups to choose from:
1. Rubber leg "Crazy Legs" (very durable and good in faster water)
2. Ostrich for the legs (better movement if softer water)
3. Ostrich and Jungle Cock Nails for the eyes (more natural, organic)

All tie ups catch steelhead, and color patterns.

Flies are 3/34" to 4" long, with size 2 trailing hook

Squid: phosfluorescent colors


(15 lb Winter Steelhead)



Custom tied, made in the USA

Steelhead Squid Series Fly (Rubber Legs, Pink/Orange)
(Rubber Legs, Pink/Orange)

Steelhead Squid Series Fly (Rubber Legs, Pink/Salmon Pink)
Rubber Legs, Pink/Salmon Pink)

Steelhead Squid Series Fly (Rubber Legs, Pink/Orange/Black)
(Rubber Legs, Pink/Orange/Black)

Steelhead Squid Series Fly (Rubber Legs, Black/Blue)
(Rubber Legs, Black/Blue)

Price:   $5.50 
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