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Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Blue/Black - Product Image
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Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Blue/Black

These new wide-profile cones create a turbo vortex at the front of a tube fly. The turbo cone gives the fly a unique swimming action. The action combined with the soft materials, which pulsate to mimic breathing, produces a fly that drives fish crazy. Whether fishing in the slowest or hardest of currents, the fly will move and pulsate like no other pattern. In addition to the unique movements, the turbo cone also provides a little bit of weight to help get the fly down. Our Turbo Cone Tube Flies are tied on a 1.25-inch tube with a 10mm turbo cone.

Comes with Size 2 trailing hook.

Price: $4.39 
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