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Tail Sculpin String Leech - Product Image
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Tail Sculpin String Leech

A Grabflies custom design. Sculpin are bait fish and found almost in all fresh water fisheries. Swinging Sculpin patterns are very popular in the Great Lakes for Steelhead and Alaska fishery, plus good for Trout and Bass...

This pattern is unique in that it has cupped Guinea hackle tail over a size 2, trailing SSW Owner hook.

Fly is 2.25 - 2.5 inches long. Tied on 20 lb doubled over braid line, like a Moal Leech.


Sculpin Choice 2
Sculpin with Guinea Tail (Out of Stock)

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $6.00 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671