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Tandem Fly Company Extra Dropper Page - Product Image
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Tandem Fly Company Extra Dropper Page

The Tandem Fly Company Extra Dropper Page is easily swapped out in the Dropper Rig Box. Easily store and carry multiple sleeves, each able to hold 8 dropper rigs.

  • Stores 8 rigs
  • Clips into the Dropper Rig Box, swap pages whenever you need.
  • Slit-foam surface secures flies
  • Notches guide rig lines into slits for a secure hold
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Made in USA
  • The Dropper Page is also useful as a stand alone "fly patch", and can be securely attached to your vest or raft frame with the Tandem Company Fly Patch Clip (CLICK HERE)

  • Add Tandem Fly Patch Clip in "Add Option" below

Price: $9.99 
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