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Tip Tote

Leader Tip Tote by

Flexible plastic spools that opens and closes to wind/wrap and store your spey leader tips. It is a leader wallet that keeps your leader tips tangle free. You wind on and off. No tangles, and easy to label with a permanent ink pen.
"I have been using these for years, and my friends keep asking for them. Well here they are. I was tired of my tips always getting tangled when I'm on the water. These are plastic so no worries if they get wet.
If you look close at the photo you'll see a swivel. I have been adding these to my sink tips for years also. Sometimes with braided loop, and sometimes I manage to get the swivel eye through the loop of the tip. This does two things. 1. Makes it easy to replace your tippet. 2. Allows your fly and tippet to straighten when casting. This keeps tangles down and extends the life of your tippet."

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