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Tippet Leader Wallet and Line Dispenser, by Grabflies - Product Image
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Tippet Leader Wallet and Line Dispenser, by Grabflies

Tippet Wallet + Line Dispenser

Designed and Sewed by Jeff Layton.

Made by a fisherman for fishermen

I design this wallet to secure tips, allow user to be able to pull tippet line off of spools without get tippet spool out of the wallet. The fisher-person can keep wallet in jacket and secure to prevent accidental lost using rivet ring, or attach outside or jacket or vest. Also on backside of wallet is a sewed in belt loop to allow for a two inch wading belt to slide through.
  • Dimensions of wallet are 4.5 inches wide, by 4 inches high.
  • Made out of Trampoline Mesh Fabric
  • Trampoline Mesh is a UV inhibited, monofilament polypropylene basket weave mesh - tough and strong.
  • Wallet does not come with belt or tippet spools
  • Wallet comes with bolt, two washers and nut – secure with nut loose so spools can spin.
  • Wallet allows for two Rio/SA/Umpqua size tippet spools, or three smaller spools to fit in wallet
  •  After sliding bolt thru and connecting with washers and nut – slide into wallet with tippet end going out each side – see photo
  • Velcro closing on fold over cover 

Inside View
Inside View(Click Photo for +, Opens in new window)

Back Side with Wading Belt Example - Belt Not Included (Click Photo for +)

Made in the USA
Made in the USA - Built to Last

Price: $25.95 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671