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Tube Tote 2 - Product Image
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Tube Tote 2

Tube Tote 2 (a smaller version of the original Tube Tote ) which was designed for carrying FlyTubes - allowing for easy access, and organization of large flies while on the river.

Tube Tote 2 carries two clear tubes and end caps. The default tube size is 3 1/2 inches, but can be ordered with different length of tubes. Also you can easily change to larger or smaller tubes. The tubes rotate on the metal shank making it easy to pull off the end caps (hold tube when pulling) and fly comes out of tube.

"I like to carry my two most used flies on the outside of my breast pocket on my shirt or fishing jacket. I have additional flies in tubes inside the pocket." - Jeff Layton

Connects to your shirt, jacket, waders by a metal suspender clamp on clip.

Comes with two clear tubes.

Made by, USA

Price: $14.95 
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