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Two Toned Flash Moal Leech, Blue/Chartreuse - Product Image
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Two Toned Flash Moal Leech, Blue/Chartreuse

AKA: Improved Methow Moal

Moal leeches are tied entirely on a string with a trailer hook at the back. This gives the fly greater action than a fly tied on a rigid hook. More fish are landed with the Moal fly as well.

The combination of rabbit fur which has incredible life in the water and flashabou creates an illuminated attraction for fish. A real winner!

Two Toned Flash Moal Leech - Flashabou and rabbit wrapped around a string go together. Moal Leeches have great movement in the water. They wiggle and undulate, which moves the flashabou in wave like motion reflecting colorful light waves as the fly swings across the river. Two Toned (color) Flash Moals have two different colors of flashabou tied in. The tail color is tied in after half the fly is wrapped with rabbit. The head flashabou is tied with a length of 2/3's the fly length. This works much better that two colors of flashabou tied in together at the cone.



Custom tied, made in the USA

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