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UV2 Rabbit Crosscut Strips, Chartreuse - Product Image
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UV2 Rabbit Crosscut Strips, Chartreuse

These UV2 Crosscut Rabbit strips are of premium quality with the added advantage of Spirit River's UV2 process for improved visibility in low light or murky conditions.

These zonker rabbit strips are cut across the rabbit pelt so the fur will lay down over the shank on flies. Many times this makes better patterns.

Color infused with UVF and UVR.

UVF is the fluorescent wavelength. Fish can see this spectrum in brighter colors than we see. This allows fish to see flies at a much greater distance, even in varying light and water conditions.

UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance, is a UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye in some wavelengths, but it can be seen by most insects and animals.

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