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Woolly Bugger, White - Product Image
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Woolly Bugger, White

The Woolly Bugger is the most recognizable, and likely the most commonly fished streamer fly ever tied. The woolly bugger attracts fish in fast or slow water, rivers, ponds, and lakes, in dirty water or spring creeks. It imitates crayfish, minnows, sculpin, leeches, and many other natural foods trout love.

White Woolly Buggers represents bait fish, minnows, shiners, so they're great for meat eatting Trout like Browns, Bull Trout, Big Rainbow Trout, Great lakes Steelhead, Bass, Pike, Tierra Del Fuego...
I tie this bugger with long white soft Schlappen hackle - good movement in the water and fills in for the body of a minnow.

Tied on a AHREX NS110 Streamer Hook, Size 4 - very sharp, quality hook.
Six flies in stock - ready to ship. 

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $3.49 
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