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X-Eyed Cones, 3/8 inch Medium, Nickel - Product Image

X-Eyed Cones, 3/8 inch Medium, Nickel

Hareline: Our original design is so good, it too has been copied by our competitors. Our machining is unsurpassed and the plating is fantastic. Spirit River is proud to be known as the leader in quality on all our brass products like these incredible eyes.
Each eye is machined on a screw machine one at a time. They are tumbled to remove many of the machining marks...then we plate them with a really high quality finish. Each eye is inspected then has resign poured into the pupil area.
Next we bake it to harden the pupils. Our process takes a heck of a long time & yes it is quite expensive...but you should expect the very best when you take your time and your skills to tie your own flies.
These eyes have proved themselves to be a great addition to any tiers arsenal. Our unique high quality eyes give patterns beautiful bait-fish appeal which predators key in on while also giving them the weight they need.

Great for Intruder Tube Flies

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