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Raging River Fishing Nets

Raging River Nets

Raging River Nets - hand crafted fishing nets, made in the USA

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Example: SOLD - #018 - Lightning Round Reclaimed Walnut Burl

Earlier this year, a friend showed me a downed maple tree (which was heavily spalted) a few miles from where I grew up that looked perfect for net handles and other small projects.  We contacted the property owner and she ended up showing us another piece of wood that had been laying in a wood pile for 15+ years.  Apparently, it was the remains of a black walnut tree that was struck down by lightning back in the day.  While not exactly what you would expect for the color of walnut, this chunk of burl produced some great pieces for net handles.  Unfortunately, we never actually got around to the maple we originally contacted her for, but it was a worthwhile visit!

The agate stone was also local, coming from a stream out my back door.  The stone was added, along with brass, to stabilize a bark inclusion that went through the top of the handle.

The hoop is a new design/shape that I love!  Hoop materials are Wenge, Curly Maple, and Sapele.  I consider this my "small" sized net with a hoop size of approximately 10"x 15", and an overall length of 24.5".  I also have black rubber netting available.

Custom Order by emailing Raging River Nets at: (Click Here)

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